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    Hey hey,

    I just signed up and am waiting for my league to fill out. I've already paid, and with very little information available online, it was something of a leap of faith. I am not sure what to expect in terms of the level of engagement from my fellow managers, how drafting/free agency works, and how long I can expect to wait before my league fills up. This seems like such a cool concept and I'm excited to see where this goes. So I just figured I'd reach out to the community to get a better sense of what I can expect. Cheers.

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    Thanks for posting here! We're hoping more people find this forum, because this is where people from all leagues can chat. It's a bit quiet right now. Feel free to ask any questions here. I'm an admin and I'll try to steer other people here over time as well.

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    I just signed up and my league filled out same day. So that's cool. I read in the manual that you should turn on email notifications but I don't see that option under account management. The only drop downs are logout and my teams. With the draft coming up soon I don't want to miss anything. Is there a different way to access this setting?

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    We changed the setting so it is on by default.
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    Make sure your email doesnt send it to spam as well

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