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Thread: Physical attributes vs Stats

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    Quote Originally Posted by UmmBerrto View Post
    Hey buddy, calm the h down.

    I didn't pass on a trade, Kingswood has Kupp and I don't talk to that hypocrite anymore.

    Facts are still facts, 60% and 20% or kingwood would not be trying to trade kupp

    I am not saying that differences shouldn't be accounted for, I am saying that all in all, your sim doesn't add up, Lamar Jackson in my other league has. 75% completion percentage and a rating of 135. I don't care what kind of line and WR you give Lamar, he was not that accurate in his own dreams.

    So yeah, get somebody on the staff that can get it right.

    One of the updates you definitely need is the ability to adjust the target share per each player in the offensive game plan.
    I am not trading Kupp, I traded for Kupp...

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    Somebody tell kingwood I said, my mistake, nobody is perfect, & I look forward to kicking his balls into his throat, in an NFL sort of way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdcox View Post
    I looked up Cooper Kupp on Browns1. He gained 1053 on 113 targets from Ben Roethlisberger compared to NFL production of 1947 yards on 191 targets from Matt Stafford. Do you think the number of targets a player gets should affect their yardage gained? Do you think the QB should affect production and targets? Tell me again about "big whatevers.” A players situations and “other factors” absolutely affect a player’s production. Roster building and game planning are going to very much influence a Sandbox player’s performance by design. The sims aren’t perfect but you’re barking up the wrong tree on Cooper Kupp’s production in Browns1. If you passed on a good value trade based on his production in Browns1, you just made a huge mistake.

    Oh yeah, and by the way, Burger, had 500 attempts 30 TD a 72% completion percentage with a 109 rating and 8 int's

    So yeah, I still say whatever to your line about effective accurate portraits of the players from year to year.

    But I do believe you are doing your level best and I look forward to your newest update and the coming years that we will be able to enjoy it.

    After all your claim in this regard is Burger slowed Kupp down..... How, Burger is clearly one of the better QB's in whatever system was being game planned.

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