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Thread: Psa: Playoffs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny B. Stopped View Post
    Unless you win the championship, you merely have 3 very bad draft pick slots for next year.
    I guess it could be said I tanked when I wasn't keeping up. No pc access and the phone was a joke.
    I let the auto draft take over and it did alright I guess.

    Still, I remember a decade back or so when this was in beta and was current when I drafted unknown players and its cool to see them still playing.

    Imo, itll get back to that eventually.

    We always bitched about half time adjustments so maybe thats implemented with the new version?

    If a person doesn't wanna get serious about this sim, its not worth y/our time.
    I haven't tried others so I don't know I'm missing or not?

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    Well, bummer. Lost both of my playoff games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdcox View Post
    Well, bummer. Lost both of my playoff games.
    Damn that's rough. I won 1 and lost 1.

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