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    Any Given Sunday Subroutine

    Do you guys have some sort of Any Given Sunday subroutine in the algorithm for games? Especially Challenge games?

    I ask because nobody is able to keep a real winning streak going.

    Anytime I see someone getting close to ten or eleven wins in a row, boom, penalties and turnovers appear like crazy, next thing you know that team is 5-5 or 6-4 in their last ten.

    Just an observational based query, not just my team, plenty of others. It's almost a guarantee that if I challenge a good team that is 8-2 or above in their last ten, I usually win, and the same team that is 5-5 in their last ten and I will often lose
    Unless I'm the team that is on a roll then boom all of the sudden I am 5-5 again.

    So if I am aware and play that algorithm out, like some people, I can clearly increase my odds of gaining in the elo rankings.

    As some have obviously done.

    If that is the case, how is that natural and fair?

    Just so you know, since you guys have not been honest about everything to this point, I am not going to believe you if you say that you didn't program an inhibitor that stops teams from being statistical dominant over the field.

    My guess is you probably think you needed to do that to force competitive balance, which is crap.

    Put the numbers in and let the sim run, that is natural and fair.

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