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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind From West View Post
    Urbumto, I'm not the one bitching about the game not being realistic and then expect a QB to run 50+, never passing or handing off to another RB, lol. Do you not see your hypocrisy in all this?

    Yes, something happened to my D. My D game plans change on their own now too every time I click in.

    I'm done with Challenge.

    So what if I was bragging. I thought I figured out a good D gameplan for CCA. Same plan never worked for my other team.

    You bitch too much. I called you out and you told me 3 X to "watch my tone". Youre no better than me, you **** outta the same hole, get over yourself, lol. Youre not all that, lol.

    Lamar is going on IR for the rest of the year, so If you want to know my motivations, what I was thinking when I set Lamar to run?

    I am going to lose the guy for the year anyway, Might as well run him like it's my fault that he gets hurt.

    I really had no Idea that you guys would be so offended and have such a kneejerk reaction to BS Challange games.

    Having said all that, I meant everything that I said about wanting to run my QB's and RB's into concussion Protocall.

    Running QB's are Cheep as hell, especially If, as a real NFL GM, I have no intention on offering any of them a second contract.

    Big running backs that can't get separation in the Route Tree are also cheep as hell.

    So are Offensive lineman who can run block but can't pass protect, and the same for TE's who can run block but can't catch or pass block.

    So in the spirit of Money ball, As an NFL GM and Head Coach, I would run the ball all day everyday with replaceable parts that only take up 20% of my salary cap and spend the rest of the cap on defense and special teams.

    My defense would have all pros at every position including the bench.

    Eventually, adding in some minor play action and RPO near playoff time.

    Going through 5-10 low paid Running QB's and 10-15 low paid hammer RB's a season, or more if necessary.

    Meanwhile no D in the league would have the personnel to stop my Running plays for four quarters BECAUSE they are all built to stop the pass.

    You guys are a gas, It is hilarious to see how you justify yourselves, when you talk to me, worse then I ever talked to any of you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    One of my teams played Justin Fields a while back, and he was pretty superb. It makes me wonder what was holding him back in the NFL. Wait - I know. It was Matt Nagy.
    I felt really bad for him when the Bears drafted him. I was really hoping Denver would take him. I can't complain about Pat Surtain or Russ but I would've filled the team's biggest need, which was QB. Hopefully he can be more efficient this year so he will perform better for me next season lol

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    Well, I for one will welcome this new version my playoff game, I have in the 3/4 down and 1, 40% with 0 passing base offense, and also 60% two TE short yardage 0 passing. 1st and goal from the 1 yd line incomplete pass, 2nd down incomplete pass, 3rd down drops back to pass and is sacked (and fumbles of course). Come on. I have 0 passing.

    Also, what does one have to do to get Kelce involved. I tried 2 TE sets, 1 TE sets, making him a WR even. and he has around 45 catches for 650 yds with 5 tds. In the playoff game, he had 1 rec with 7 and a half minutes left in the game for 9 yds. That's all. If he doesn't get ignored, he's like an afterthought. Come on.

    Otherwise, thanks for the game and all you do. It's fun. Good luck.

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    Your experience with passing when you have it set to 0 is something I will check into. Thanks for letting me know.

    As far as Kelce goes, who are the other WR? If you only have one good target, they can be taken out by a good pass defense.
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    Godwin, Mooney, Brown, Reynolds, Pascal. Godwin's been out for about 5 weeks. It just isnt this's been a problem for some time. Of course Rapistberger may have had something to do with it, but Watson before this year had the same problem. But no matter, good luck to everyone the rest of the way in the playoffs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcavity4566 View Post
    Yes. I agree regarding street free agents. There are way to many FREE AGENTS in the top of leaderboards. How do you not resign a street Free agent that has 5 interceptions?
    I agree with street free agents. Two of them led my league in targets. Honestly, I would like to do away with street free agents open free agency back up during the season with a 24 hour bid that opens on Tuesday, or a waiver priority with each free agent Costing 1 point for 1 year

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheeMasterBolt View Post
    I agree with street free agents. Two of them led my league in targets. Honestly, I would like to do away with street free agents open free agency back up during the season with a 24 hour bid that opens on Tuesday, or a waiver priority with each free agent Costing 1 point for 1 year

    I agree with this, also make in season trading a thing!

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    I have yet been able to utilize my TE's either. Sort of why I traded Pitts off.

    In season trading being similar to the nfl with a deadline would be great.

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    So, I just noticed in our (Raiders1) league, in the Championship game, that one team completed a pass for 15? yards, I don't remember. But there was a roughing the passer penalty. They took the play, but the penalty was declined??? I'm thinking roughing the passer is a personal foul that is tacked on to the end of the play. Might be something to look at for future play. (providing I'm correct)

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    Imagine having the audacity to claim you have a realistic sim and then have games where Ryan Tannehill, Damien Harris, and CMac can combine for over 200y on 12 rushes... and Cmac only had 1 of those carries.

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